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Families who choose a vegan diet may wish to bring their children up as vegans from birth, and it is important that all those that support families with infants and children on a vegan diet have clear, expert information on how to ensure energy and nutrient needs are met. This updated report is designed for Early Years settings and for health professionals who support families in the community. It provides information on how to support vegan infants and children to eat well.

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It also contains information on milk alternatives, cooking and ingredient tips for cooking for vegan children and useful sources of additional information. This recipe book provides some simple ideas for cost-effective recipes for the whole family, using minimal cooking equipment and skills. The recipes show appropriate portion sizes for a main meal or dessert for infants, children aged years, children aged years and for adults and older children.

The recipes all use ingredients that can be purchased with Healthy Start vouchers.

Health Indices as a Guide to Health Sector Planning: A Demographic Critique

This downloadable resource provides guidance to early years settings on how they can shop, store and cook food sustainably and involve children in food growing. The resource contains ideas for seasonal recipes following sustainability principles, and links to other useful resources and available support in this area. Back Statements Consultation responses.

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Eating well in the early years Eating well is essential for children in their early years. Eating well: snacks year olds This resource provides ideas for snacks for year olds, that are both contributory to their nutritional intake and which are not damaging to emerging and developing teeth. Download this pdf. Variety in the operational definitions of health outcomes in older age, differences in the study designs i. In our analyses, participants with history of physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol abstinence were associated with an increased risk of accelerated decline in health and consistent poor health during the ageing process.

These findings are in accordance with other studies indicating the beneficial effect of healthy lifestyle behaviour for a better ageing 8 , 51 , Physical activity was the strongest marker of the classes with non-physically active participants being almost 9 times more likely to be in the low-stable group compare to the high-stable group. Other studies using Mexican cohorts have also indicated that physical activity is associated with a decreased risk of cognitive decline and disability 53 , Our study replicated the finding that smoking abstinence is beneficially associated with better health outcomes in later life 8 , Regarding alcohol consumption, we found that it is a marker of better ageing trajectories in accordance with other studies reporting a beneficial association of light alcohol consumption with reduced risk of functional health decline However, these findings should be interpreted with caution as there are contradictory findings regarding the beneficial effect of limited alcohol consumption 56 , To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study that examined healthy ageing in a longitudinal framework in a representative older cohort of Mexican people.

The benefit of the conditional GMM approach is that it can identify these latent classes which indicate a consistent low functioning or a steep deterioration. Hence, by this way it can help researchers and policymakers to focus on those who are in risk and target them for future interventions. From a methodological point of view, the implementation of a one-step approach in the estimation of the GMM, which allowed the simultaneous incorporation of covariates, provides a more precise estimation of the covariates effects as class memberships are treated as latent variables and thus findings are less prone to measurement error Among the strengths of our study is the use of a Bayesian multilevel IRT model.

To better capture the underlying variable of health in old age, we employed a measurement model and then used this as an outcome in our GMM analyses. This approach allowed us to have different sets of questions per wave by also taking into account between and within across the waves participants information and simultaneously estimate all parameters The biggest strength of this model is that the latent construct of health was estimated in a multilevel framework allowing item parameters to vary across waves, whereas a common measurement of health was preserved; 23 this feature allowed for the comparison of health metric among waves.

Our measurement approach also contributed to the operationalisation of health in older age on a continuum, avoiding the often employed but unrealistic threshold approach i. Additionally, our study is among the first ones that employed functional ability items to operationalise healthy ageing in accordance with the WHO framework Similar methodologies have recently been adopted in studies employing data from cohorts in the UK and the USA 48 , Limitations of this study include the high attrition rate occurred during the 14 years of follow-up. In our models we assumed MAR mechanism, however as in all longitudinal studies of older people, there is a significant attrition due to death creating a survival bias towards healthier people.

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In addition, our analyses focused on people 50 years old and over without considering early life exposures. Nevertheless, a review has indicated the considerable impact of early life factors and events to health outcomes in older age Furthermore, since we only adjusted for age, gender and education level, the impact of lifestyle behaviours on the trajectories may be contributed to other unadjusted confounding factors. Additionally, as all information was self-reported measurement errors could not be excluded.

Another limitation of our study is the way lifestyle behaviour variables were measured. The questions about physical activity and alcohol were too broad not allowing to assess the impact of different frequencies and intensities on the ageing trajectories. In particular, we could not identify former-excessive drinkers and investigate the impact of alcohol abuse in early life on healthy ageing.

Our study focused on distal lifestyle predictors early in mid-life to identify opportunities for health maintenance as people growing older. However, we also know that reverse causality could also be an issue, especially for physical activity i.

As a result, future research should focus on time-varying measures of physical activity that could help us to investigate the direction of these causal pathways. Furthermore, a more precise and objective measurement of physical activity and alcohol consumption could contribute to specifically identify the quantities that mostly improve or deteriorate health in older populations.

In addition, even though, GMM is a sensitive approach able to identify latent subpopulations, it is data-driven and hugely dependable on the variation and characteristics of the sample. Future research should also focus on replicating these findings and advance the current knowledge in the field, even though comparability among cohorts is challenging.

Finally, including younger cohorts in the analyses will contribute to a life-course perspective investigation and to examine whether similar trajectories are also observed 62 , In conclusion, our findings show that older Mexicans age by following different trajectories of health and that lifestyle behaviours play an important role in these developmental processes. Physical activity and smoking abstinence are associated with better ageing trajectories, as well as the non-alcohol avoidance.

In accordance with previous research, our results highlight the need for health policies and prevention strategies in the area Establishing non-pharmacological interventions that promote the adoption of a healthy lifestyle from early on could benefit older people to increase the number of years spent in a good health. In addition, it will assist governments and societies to more effectively deal with the public health burden. This is particularly important as Mexico will face a dramatic ageing population growth in the following years.

All selected subjects signed informed consent when the study started and were free to refuse participation in the study. All surveys completed by INEGI follow standard procedures to ensure respondent confidentiality and privacy of information in accordance to the ethical standards of INEGI and with the Helsinki ethical standards The data analysed during the current study were obtained by the official website of the Mexican Health and Aging Study. Codes for the statistical analyses are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.

Report No. Working Paper No. Yu, R. Trajectories of frailty among Chinese older people in Hong Kong between and an age-period-cohort analysis. Chatterji, S. Health, functioning, and disability in older adults—present status and future implications. World Health Organization. Guzman-Castillo, M. Forecasted trends in disability and life expectancy in England and Wales up to a modelling study. Clegg, A. Frailty in elderly people. Depp, C.

Eating well: snacks 1-4 year olds

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Global Adult Tobacco Survey. Mexico Cuernavaca, Mexico, Medina, C. Escobar, E.

Failure to Thrive: A Practical Guide - American Family Physician

World Report on Ageing and Health. World Health Organization, Luxembourg, Beard, J. Towards a comprehensive public health response to population ageing. Wong, R. Salud publica de Mexico 57 , S79—S89 Baker, F. The basics of Item Response Theory. Hambleton, R. Fundamentals of item response theory.

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