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Exchanging blood is one way for a person to find out they are soulmates with someone else. Soulmates can enter each other's mind and see their memories, thoughts, and feelings. Thoughts and memories can be blocked, but it takes concentration. If the concentration lapse during the time that one person is in someone else's mind, the blocks will fall down to allow the other person to see everything. This is the idea that for everyone in the world, there is ONE soulmate who is perfect for them.

You don't have to look like your soulmate, act like them, be the same age as them; heck, you don't even have to like them at first, but from the moment you meet them, you know that you'll never be completely happy without them. Have you ever met someone and felt a certain connection with them? After only meeting them for just 10 minutes, you seem like you have known them for years? This is very rare, many people can sit back and think that they have met someone who they found so fascinating. What people do not realize is that with every lifetime we acquire certain knowledge for our souls to become more positive through every lifetime taking out the negative.

Our subconscious unleashes what we need to know in this lifetime. This is where our soul mates come in.

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When you hear the word soulmate, you think automatically "The one person for you. There are three types of soul mates that we are connected with: companion soul mates, twin soul mates, and the ultimate soulmate connection, twin flame soul mates. Twin Flame soul mates are the type of soulmate connection that the Soulmate Principle stands for and are the ONLY type of soulmate connection that involves the 'silver cord' connection between two people. Each living creature in the entire universe has a soulmate, which means that there are pairs of people who are tailor-made to be together.

Everyone experiences it differently, so the best way to describe it is a strong connection that feels almost like a gravitational pull.

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Some soul mates can sense when their other half is in danger or in pain, while others can communicate with each other telepathically. The easiest way to tell if two people are soul mates will be the presence of a translucent silver cord linking their bodies when they discover each other. Once soul mates discover each other, they will never be completely happy without the other by their side. No matter how much distance they put between each other, they will always end up back together again by fate. Soul mates could be best friends, perfect strangers, or even mortal enemies; the Soulmate Principle does not discriminate.

The soul mate is your one and only soul mate. You have spent many lifetimes together sharing and caring. You share a deep bond and attraction to one another. It feels like an electrical current between you. Your soul automatically recognizes that soul mate, and gives you a deep feeling inside. A soulmate is often said to be the other half of your soul. Ever wonder why they said opposites attract? Your soulmate and you might not be together every lifetime but you're still working on being together by evolving your souls in a similar and spiritual way.

Stumbling upon a person quite by accident along the normal course of your day who completely transforms your world, broadens your horizon, or strikes very deeply at your core in a way most profound can ultimately change the very course of your existence. It can be tremendously exciting, when you stumble across this person, as well as very frightening. We are always in search of that individual who reflects the deepest and highest forms of our souls.

Perhaps you met this person through a relatively non-important task, like waiting for an appointment, sitting in a classroom, filling your gas tank, starting a new job, or picking up coffee. You might have a casual encounter with someone turn dramatically more meaningful with that glimpse of instantaneous and profound recognition. Are you are their other half, they seem to ask? They look deep within you and at last, maybe even for the very first time in your life, ever, you feel like your soul has been completely exposed, laid bare for the other person to examine fully, and you have no other recourse but to let them.

They read you like no other, without judgement, without concern. Suddenly, you feel that the most innocuous of conversations with this person will have a deeply intimate and most exacting impact upon your life. However there is absolutely no realistic justification for this feeling. Perhaps they brush your hand with theirs, or you shook hands and one of you held on for a moment longer than necessary.

Or you bump into one another, and felt that sense of electricity, as if a drawing current is leaping between the two of you.

Chapter 3: Uncle Tallow

Perhaps his presence startled you. It may even feel that conversation seems unnecessary because the underlying connection is so strong. You each feel uncomfortable with the physical elements or how a typical relationship ought to progress. You just want to pick up where you left off. Take her in your arms and never let her go.

Or you suddenly want to take him to the heights of his potential, and show him what he is truly capable of. All of this happens in less than a split second.

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Not for days, not for weeks, sometimes not for years. You keep finding yourself drifting back to thinking about that day, that moment, and often in the most unusual times. Something will trigger a memory, and you start to think about his hands, or her hair, his voice, her mysterious presence. That is the singular experience where you believe you met -not your soul mate…but your twin soul.

If anything, they find a confidant. You want to show her how deep love can take you both.

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You want to show him how fast and far a clear intention can take him. You want to know what makes her tick. You want to learn everything about him. Hopes, fears, history, dreams. You want to dig in deep — deeper into each other than you ever have with any other. And it seems as if the physical world is getting in the way of your ability to reunite.

Ever since the eternal you came into physical being. You have always fed off one another. The twin flame experience happens only once for a person each lifetime. Most of the time, we mistake our soulmates for our twins. But twins is a very different feeling from a soul mate. Brother, sister, mother, father, teacher, mentor, lover, yes lovers a thousand times. As soon as you connect with this person — you recognize it instantly.

Physically, it might feel very intimidating, or downright confusing. His energy impacts you in a way that is so overwhelming and empowering, so uplifting, so motivating, you believe that it can transform you. He touches you once and you are singed for hours, even days later.

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Your energy revitalized. You want to know everything about her. An insatiable hunger has been awakened in you. Sex feels empty.

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Conversations seem hollow. You are starving in fact for a deeper realization of what all this twin soul stuff means. You want her to explain it to you. You instinctively know you are supposed to be on the same path together, not just in the sense to shed karmic debt or to enter into a contract that binds one another — for you are both so far beyond and far evolved past such pithy physical games. Your evolving relationship with one another is completely open and experiential.

It transcends physical, the mundane, and reaches far up into a higher state of being and living for one another. You crave her. It feels as if you are here together for common purpose, for shared intentional co-creation. To elevate one another and to ultimately merge together — into one as you transcend physical into the eternal mists. In the beginning there was energy.

All energy, of course, has potential. The energy began to reach out, to see what more it could become. The energy began to rotate a sparkling, swirling spiral of dancing energy. One half pursued the other, trying to touch what it did not have. One half is known as the Lord, the other is the Lady.

One was strong in body, the other strong in mind. One was beautiful in body, the other beautiful in soul. They are both. And when they fell in love with each other, they consummated it by making love.

This made swirls in the spiral dance of energy like ripples in a pond. These became the suns, the stars, the moons, and the planets. The Goddess grew pregnant with love, with energy, energy created by the force of their love.